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Gary is affectionately known in the Performing Arts circles as ‘The Performer’s Alchemist’. This is down to his remarkable ability to support singers, actors, dancers and musicians to transmute the heavy lead of fear, anxiety and low self-esteem, that prevents them from truly achieving their full potential, to the shimmering gold of performances they love and can be proud of.

His own 20-year career as a professional classical musician, singer and actor has seen him sing alongside Judi Dench at the Royal Albert Hall for Stephen Sondheim’s 80th Birthday Prom, a solo singing spot with Queen’s Brian May, a presenting role for 8 episodes of E4’s hit TV show Playing It Straight, perform at Christmas for the Royal Family and play leading roles in musicals and operas around the world.

As a therapist, coach and emotional intelligence expert he works with performing stars from the West End, Broadway, Film, TV and pop music to overcome the inner voices that tell them ‘you’re not good enough’, so they can truly love who they are, what they do and make the world a better place through the power of their performance.


“I used to be a professional classical musician and musical theatre performer plagued with self-doubt, low self-esteem and very little confidence. And because I didn't do something about it early enough, it eventually culminated in severe panic attacks and ultimately stage fright.

By this point, I was convinced that my career was over and that I would never be able to step on a stage again. This was devastating. Not only because performing was my passion and the thing I loved most in the world, but it was all I really knew how to do… it’s all I wanted to do. And most importantly, it was my job, my income.

I desperately wanted my confidence back. I wanted to be able to go into those auditions, believe in myself fully, know that I did my best and to land those roles and get those gigs that I KNOW I deserved.

I wanted to strut my stuff on stage, where I belonged, and actually believe I was good enough, that I did have what it takes, to step off stage and feel fabulous about myself rather than beat myself up for everything I thought wasn’t perfect (it was trying to be perfect that got me in this mess in the first place).

But there I was, depressed, anxious, nervous, unable to perform and feeling like a total failure.

Years of training down the drain. 

Tens of thousands of pounds of saved up money, scholarships and funding just wasted. 

And certain family and friends looking on and saying “we knew this was a bad idea”.

And what had got me to this point? 

Years and years of trying to be perfect, judging myself, criticising myself, beating myself up for everything that I wasn’t rather than appreciating everything that I was…

The constant comparing myself to other performers, noticing what they did better than me and how “I’ll never be as good as him”…

The fear about my voice and something going wrong, not believing my acting was good enough, worried about my body not being right, believing I needed to be something more than what I was… on and on and on and on… sound familiar?

I knew this wasn’t healthy. I knew I was causing my own stress and anxiety. But I couldn’t stop it. I didn’t know how!

And it wasn’t for lack of trying… I spent a lot of money on…
Breathing classes…
Meditation lessons…
Yoga sessions…
Visualisation techniques…
Positive thinking courses…
Positive affirmation downloads…
Self-help books…

I was one phone call away from getting a prescription from my doctor.

On the day I was about to pick up the phone to my doctor I came across a quote on Facebook by a spiritual teacher, who is now one of my favourite mentors, which said:

“all suffering begins in the mind and all suffering ends in the mind”

Gary in live performance.

Gary in live performance.

This jolted me up out of my seat. It was as if someone had plugged electric wires into me. I suddenly realised like a flash - if it was my mind creating all this crap, then it had to be my mind that could uncreate it.

This seemed so simple and yet so complicated all at the same time. I started reading all I could about the mind and its effect on the body. 

During my research, I came across a therapist who said she works with the subconscious mind. I didn’t hesitate in booking a session. 

I kid you not, in just one single session with her, I knew my stage fright and anxiety had disappeared. My mind was blown!

Over the following weeks, I became freer and freer, my confidence returned, I felt lighter and brighter than I had in years. And within a very short time, I knew that I wanted to get back on that stage. 

I called my agent and I sang down the phone “I’M BAAAAAAAAACK”. Within days I was booked into auditions, feeling wonderful and strutting into those casting rooms, having a ball.

I went on to perform at The Royal Albert Hall alongside Judi Dench for Sondheim’s 80th Birthday Prom, sang solo with Kerri Ellis and Brian May, I toured an opera playing the leading role, played a leading role in an E4 primetime series, recorded and toured with an award-winning band and had a marvellous time doing it all. 

At the same time, I noticed so many performers around me were going through what I had only months before. I was so caught up in my own story that I hadn't realised that so many others felt the same. I had a powerful calling to learn how to help other performers in the way that I had been helped.

I embarked on a long journey of 8 years studying, learning and training with some of the worlds leading experts on the mind, psychology, the emotions, hypnosis and natural medicine. 

And now I happily and successfully work with clients, who were in the same position as me, to overcome nerves, anxiety and low self-esteem, to feel fabulous about themselves, so they go and get the gigs and roles they deserve and have the life and career they want”.