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Hi, I’m Gary, aka The Performer’s Therapist,

I help performers to overcome anxiety, low self-esteem and lack of confidence so they can create a career from their passion, live a life they love and feel fabulous about themselves as they do.

I’ve been helping singers, actors, dancers and musicians from the West End, Broadway, Film, TV and pop music for 10 years to step into the spotlight, feel truly good enough and in many cases to land those roles and gigs they know they deserve.

Many of my clients go from feeling anxious, nervous, stressed or even depressed, with very little self-belief, to having the powerful confidence they’ve been seeking for years enabling them to own their talent and feel great about themselves before, during and after their performance.

May I ask you a question… Why did you become a performer?

Is it because you love the thrilling feeling of taking an audience on a weaving, dipping, diving adventure through wonderful stories of music, song, words or movement?

Is it because you get to express a depth of who you really are in a way that few other things allow you to?

Is it because you adore the feeling of getting better and better at something, growing and challenging yourself in new ways and seeing how far you can go?


Life as a performer can be tough. I totally understand you because before I became a therapist I had a 20-year career on the professional stage as a singer, actor and musician myself. During that time I suffered from severe stage fright and chronic low self-esteem. I cured the stage fright using the power of Mind-Body Therapy and Hypnotherapy. Now I have powerful and resilient self-confidence as a result of that doing deep self-development and spiritual growth work. Read My Story here.

Therapy for performers should be standard and every performing artiste should be working with someone to help them overcome the anxiety, fear of rejection, low self-esteem and depression that can come with a life in The Arts. And that someone might just be me. Let me tell you something…

You are allowed to feel good enough and to believe that you are great at what you do.

You are allowed to have success and you are worthy of it.

You are allowed to enjoy your life, your career and you are allowed to feel fabulous about yourself.

You’re supposed to feel all these things, and if you’re not, then we need to sort that out… now!

Go ahead and book a free consultation call with me where I can assess if Mind-Body Therapy is right for you and for you to feel into if you like the sound of what I do and how I work.

Client Love

Chelsea Halfpenny - Emmerdale, Casualty, 9 to 5 Westend

Chelsea Halfpenny - Emmerdale, Casualty, 9 to 5 Westend

During rehearsals for my first ever West End musical, I was riddled with anxiety, self-doubt and had a constant negative dialogue in my head due to the pressure of playing one of the leading roles. I had 7 days until I made my debut on stage and Gary managed to squeeze me in for 2 sessions beforehand. I honestly believe my first week on that stage would have been a completely different experience had it not been for working with Gary. He helped me to believe in myself and my abilities and changed the inner dialogue in my mind to a completely positive, motivational and inspiring one.
— Chelsea Halfpenny - Actress (Emmerdale, Casualty)
Tom Prior - Actor

Tom Prior - Actor

Working with Gary has completely changed my life. I started working privately with him just a few weeks before I started filming a leading role. The level of transition and transformation I experienced was phenomenal. Gary’s insight and guidance has caused incredible expansion and profound healing. I recommend him so, so, so highly.
— Tom Prior - Actor
Molly May Gardiner - Singer, Dancer Actress

Molly May Gardiner - Singer, Dancer Actress

Before working with Gary I hadn’t auditioned for 2 years because I was so anxious about singing. Since working with him I’ve got my confidence back and been cast in my dream role in the West End! If you have any issues or doubts with anything and you want to unleash your true confident self then Gary is your man. During therapy not only has my voice completely transformed and feels freer than ever before, but my attitude to life and my career has also improved tenfold. I feel I can take on anything now.
— Molly May Gardiner - Singer, Dancer Actress