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The Format

Weekly online live training sessions through a secret Facebook Group and weekly group Q&A session.
Training: Monday 6pm
Q&A: Thursday 6pm
NOTE: it doesn’t matter at all if you can’t make the live sessions - everything is saved and uploaded for you to get access to forever!


Week 1
Confidence On Command & The Reconnection
Learn the one single technique that cured me of panic attacks and stage fright and gave me confidence - this one technique is your own magic confidence on command button so you can feel powerful and in control when you need it. This one thing alone is worth the whole course.

Week 2
Play, Explore, Discover 

Learn how to develop the voice of your dreams without hours of excruciating, boring and stressful exercises, and instead develop and grow your voice in a state of joy, magic and wonder. This is changing singers lives RIGHT NOW.

Week 3
Find you Singing Super Powers 

Discover your own unique identity, style and power as a singer. Discover your deeper, more important and profound reason for singing and learn how you can change the world and make it a better place one song at a time, by impacting your audiences in a more powerful way and becoming unforgettable.

Week 4
Release The Past

Overcome past negative experiences that hold you back in the present from becoming the best you can be. Literally rewire your brain so you can learn and grow from the past rather than continuing to allow it to hold you back and remaining stuck.

Week 5
Create Future History

Create the future you that you want to become. Decide what you want, and who you want to be and how you want to show up in the world as a singer and create or find singing opportunities where you can start fulfilling that dream.