The Beginning Of Garys Blog

The Beginning of the Blog

Hi, I’m Gary.

This blog is for YOU, the performer… the singer, actor, dancer, musician.

There are no bells and whistles.

Just me, you and the words.

It is my hope that here you will find solace, comfort, support, inspiration, upliftment, empowerment, nourishment, ideas, stillness, healing, nurture, help, care, understanding and love.

Through my words I will provide for you, whatever it is you may be looking for in the moment.

You will find in these words something unique and personal to you. Something that perhaps everyone else has missed. Something that is meant for you, and only you.

If just one person (you) reads these pages and garners just one minute nugget of wisdom from them, my work is complete, and I shall be happy.

You became a performer to educate, uplift, inspire and heal your audiences through the power of your performance.

You did not become a performer to beat yourself up, tell yourself all the things you did wrong, and to compare yourself to ‘so and so’ and leave yourself feeling crappy.


It breaks my heart to imagine you feeling like this. But I get it… I too was once plagued by feelings of not being good enough, of judgement and of criticism. I too did not feel worthy.

But I found a way to stop it. And I found a way to accept and believe the TRUTH…

That I am fabulous.
That I am amazing.
That I am astonishing.
And that I am here for a very special reason.
And to start becoming the powerful me I was born to be.

And that is what I want for YOU.

And that is what this blog is for.

Every single day I shall awake and bring you vital, important words for your pleasure, learning and healing.

It may be just a few lines for you to muse upon. Or it may something longer and more substantial.

Come here and browse through the ever growing collection of these posts and find something that will nourish your heart, expand you soul and uplift your spirit. For that is what you want to do for your watchers and listeners, is it not?

So much love
Gary x
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