Bravery, Courage & Making The Right Decision


Knowing what is right for your life…  

Making the right decision for your heart…  

These are not always the easiest. And boy, have I learned that lesson over the last two months.  

In a nutshell I packed up my life in London and moved to Spain to be with my partner. I took my two dogs. I left my flat and took two suit cases with me.  

After two months, I have realised that this is not the place for me. But the decision to leave after just two months has taken every ounce of bravery, courage and confidence I have.  

As performers we are always faced with decisions…  

Should I take that gig?  

Should I accept that rate of pay?  

Is that show right for me?  

Do I even want to play that character or work with that director?  

And the answer we usually come up with is a big fat YES.  

But it is often not a heart centered, fulfilling yes.  

It is usually a fearful, small yes.  

I invite you to begin to listen with the fullness of who you are. To listen with your heart over your head. Because your heart may well give you a very different answer to what your head wants.  

Your head wants to not miss out on the opportunity, the measly little money or the chance to be seen and get heard.  

Your heart just wants to feel joyful, fulfilled and living its juicy, juicy aliveness.

Saying NO may feel new, hard and very scary. Being brave isn’t always easy.

Making the RIGHT decision for your life may sometimes feel like the WRONG decision. 

But I invite you to take a deep breath, hold your head high and BE BRAVE.  

Make the decision that is right for YOU.  

So what decisions do you have to make in your life right now???

So Much Love
Gary x

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