Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy

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How dare you…

How DARE you shine a light upon the gifts of another and recoil your own in their shadow.

Who do you think you are?!

You don’t fool me…

I know that you know you have something special to share through the power of your performance. Otherwise you wouldn’t still be doing it! You would have given up long ago. And even if you did give up long ago, you still think about it…

I know there is still a spark within you that believes in yourself. I know that in your deepest dreams, when your eyes are closed and hidden from the world, that you see yourself as a shining star. Even if it’s just a teeny, tiny part of you. It’s there. I know it is. Because it never goes. It may diminish and shrink, but it can never disappear.

And then there’s that moment where you soar… where it all falls into place. And you feel good about yourself and you think “I’ve got this… I can do this… I am special”.

But then, something strange happens when you witness the greatness of another. You seem to shine a spotlight on all the ways you aren’t good enough. Why oh why oh why do you do that?

For your gifts and talents are so beautifully unique to you. And theirs to them. And all the colours of the rainbow are required to make it what it is.

You are that unique, dazzling, stunning violet, while they are that shimmering green. Both different and wonderful in their own way, but each needing the other to exist as the greater whole.

If you were that same shimmering green there would be too much green in the world and it would no longer be so special. That rainbow would be imbalanced. And the world would look and say “that rainbow is nice, but it’s heavy on the green… where oh where is that dazzling, stunning violet we appreciate and admire… we miss it so”.

Go and shine your violet upon the world. To all who love your hue.

And when you come across an emerald green, go and stand with it, next to it, in union with your fellow shade, and allow each others dazzle to simply highlight the dazzle that is your own.

Next to that green allow your violet to become more violet. Allow your violet-ness to vibrate with the vivid vibrancy that it was born to be.

And hold that green in high regard, in appreciation and admiration. And revel in the greatness of another. But NEVER, my dear, please, please, please, never turn down the dial of your violet.


Go and shimmer with all the other perfect colours my love.

So Much Love
Gary x

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