How To Get 100,000 Followers

How many likes you get on your Facebook post…

How many followers you get on Instagram…

How many plays on your YouTube video…

It’s all meaningless nonsense. It really is…

Change your focus.

There’s no point having 100,000 followers on Instagram if none of them engage with your content. You don’t WANT 100,000 of just anyone…

1000 of the RIGHT ones is so much more powerful.

You want to impact SOMEONE.

You want to move SOMEONE.

You want to inspire SOMEONE.

Not just ANYONE…

Start with just ONE PERSON. Sing to ONE person. Aim for just ONE person.

Personally, I don’t care how many people read this Blog, how many hits it gets, or how many people unsubscribe or comment. I can check all those numbers and analytics. But they just aren’t important to me!

What I care about is YOU

Yes YOU. The ONE SINGLE PERSON reading this message and resonating with it.

ONE person who is changed a little.

ONE person who is transformed a little.

ONE person who learns a little.

Just ONE person… and just just a LITTLE…

I was recently on BBC1’s All Together Now (you can watch it here). So far the YouTube video has had 33,020 views and counting. What has it done for me?


Except attract a few trolls and the usual Neil Patrick Harris look alike comment. Fabulous! And for those of you that know me you’ll know that is all water of a fabulous swan’s back.

I have only 205 followers on Instagram but I get TONS of engagement.

I inspire my audience.

I uplift my audience.

I love my audience.

And they can feel it.

And I get private messages asking for 1-2-1 coaching with me…


Because they are 205 of THE RIGHT PEOPLE.

I have only 900 people on this email list. And approximately 150 people open these emails to read them.

But they are 150 of THE RIGHT PEOPLE.

I have only 700 people in my Facebook Group Singers Mind Body Voice Academy - Click here to join.

They love what I write.

They love my message.

They resonate with me.

Since I’ve emailing everyday with my words of inspiration over 300 people have unsubscribed from my email list.

Because they were 300 of THE WRONG PEOPLE.

Just wrong for me. My message. My energy.

AND THAT’S OK! They will go and find someone who they like better. Who they resonate with more. Who they want to listen to.

And that’s what YOU want as a singer.

Aim for ONE person. And let it grow into TWO. Then THREE.

And make them TRUE fans. Not just any old Tom, Dick or Sally.

So Much Love
Gary x

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