Forget Your Dreams For They Do Not Exist

The big dream you want fulfilling…

The big goal you are aiming for…

The big victory you are trying to achieve…


All the “when I this” and “when I that” is stopping you from experiencing the fullness and the magic of THIS ‘this’…

The ‘this’ of now.

The ‘this’ of the moment.

The ‘this’ of the present.

The big dream, victory or goal you are striving for will never turn out how you expect it to anyway - maybe it’s so much more alive and thrilling and elating and satisfying than you could ever believe. Or maybe it’s just not worth it in the end.

Did you ever get something you really wanted only to realise you don’t… Oh, the irony.

But as long as you stay in the projected image of the future you are losing out…

For the big victory you are looking for is NOW.

The big dream is NOW.

The big win is NOW.

The goal is NOW.

Every breath a little victory.

Every step a dream fulfilled.

Every note you sing a goal achieved.

It’s all the little victories that make the big one my dear.

Celebrate every day.

For the path you thought you were walking was not the path you believed it to be and if you trust that path never needs to be known by you and that all you need to do is keep stepping forward you will taste a sweetness for life you never knew before.

And breathe. And trust. And relax.

So Much Love

Gary x

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