How To Get Over Yourself

My clients love me because I am to the point, frank and direct.

I tell it how it is.

I don’t beat around the bush. And sometimes you just need to be told straight…

It might sound harsh, but we all need to GET OVER OUR SELVES!


Here's the truth...

It’s not about you.

I know it has been for so long.

How you look, how you sound, how you well you did.

But more than you, it’s about your audience. The people who grave you with their presence.


What are you giving them?

What are they getting from you?

How will they leave your performance changed?

How will they transform having witnessed your performance?

How will their life change in the presence of your performance?

When you ask yourself these questions you take the focus away from you and shine the spotlight on them, then there is no place for fear.

Just service.

Just giving.

And that is the key to freedom when you sing.

Pure and simple

So Much Love

Gary x

If you want to learn more about getting over yourself so you can truly give with the fullness of who you are and move towards a happier, more confident life and career just pop me an email and I'll jump on the phone for free to tell you how you can do it!