How To Sing From Your Heart

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The eyes may be the window to the soul, but I say the voice is the microphone to the heart…

“Listen to your heart”

“What is your heart saying?”

“Let your heart guide you, not your head”

“Listen to your heart’s voice”

“Sing from your heart”

Why all these references to the heart? And are you singing from it?

Here’s what “Sing From Your Heart Means” to me. Maybe just one of these resonates with you. Perhaps a few. Or all of them.

Meditate on them and then ask your singing to be infused with their essence.

Singing from your heart means:

Singing with a depth of emotion that is able to connect your listener to their emotions.

Singing with a feeling of gratitude and thankfulness.

Loving and appreciating yourself and your voice as you sing.

Emptying yourself and becoming a vessel for Source/God/Universe to flow through you.

Even tho you practiced and prepared, you make spontaneous, in the moment, inspired choices and you don’t quite know where they’re coming from.

Creating a space for healing to take place within your listeners as they witness your singing.

Shining a spotlight on those watching and listening, showing them they can be great too, in their own unique way.

Coming into union with your audiences and creating a scared space of sharing, vulnerability, power and togetherness.

Sharing yourself and your gift from a place of pure service and giving rather than a place of needing validation and confirmation that you are good enough.

Focusing on what you are giving rather than receiving.

Thinking less and feeling more.

Connecting with and realising your Singing Super Power - an essence that is unique to you, and only you. That thing you bring when you sing that nobody else can (I created a free worksheet download to actually help you discover your unique Singing Super Power. Click here to download Find Your Singing Super Power.

Now go forth and SING FROM YOUR HEART.

So Much Love
Gary x

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