Oh Shut Up!

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“Children should be seen and not heard”
- Oh really? Then why was I born making a really bloody loud sound?! Hmmm? Hmmm?

“She loves the sound of her own voice”
Absolutely! How can I expect anyone else to like it if I don’t?

“He’s so full of himself”
Oh yes indeed! I can’t think of anything else I’d rather be full of. Full of the me-ness of me. Wonderful!

“Don’t be too big for your boots”
- My feet are the perfect size for my beautiful and fabulous boots. If you don’t like the way I walk my walk then you can take another route. Bye!

“You’re SO loud”
- And proud. It’s you’re birthday next week? I’ll get you some ear buds!


“You think a lot of yourself!”
- Somebody has to. Might as well be me. You certainly don’t LOL!

“He thinks he’s the dogs bollox”
- Hmmm, not really. Much, much, much more than that babes.

“Don’t be over confident”
- Oh, SHUT UP!

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