Rejection Doesn't Exist

This can be a hard pill to swallow. But bear with me and you'll feel a profound sense of freedom that may be new to you...

Rejection doesn't actually exist.

Nobody can reject you. NOBODY.

What was the reason that he/she/they were rejecting you?


It was never them rejecting you. It was YOU rejecting you. Haha! Amazing huh?!

Believing that others have the power to reject you is so disempowering. You walk out of that casting, audition, meeting, date, whatever, with your head hanging low, feeling bad.

But it wasn't what THEY were believing or saying about you that made you feel bad. It was what YOU were believing and saying about you that made you feel bad.

And now you know, you can start to do something about it.

All you need to do is this - next time you feel rejected my dear, just recognise WHY you feel rejected and what it is about you that YOU believe isn't good enough...

... then, recognise that this is the part of you that is rejecting YOURSELF.

Simply recognising this puts the power back in your hands. And now the key is to bring more love, not less, to this aspect part of you.

As you bring more love, not less to this part of you, go and write down ten things you really like about yourself. Breathe. And move on.

There is no such thing as rejection.

This could be the most life-changing idea for you.

So Much Love

Gary x
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