The Cost of Undervaluing Yourself

What exactly is ‘value’?

And what exactly is ‘cost’?

Value is the regard that something is held to deserve. It’s the importance, worth or usefulness of something.

Value is the principles, standards, thinking and behaviours you adhere to and your judgement of what is important in life. It’s the way you feel about yourself and the world around you.

 And 'cost'?

 Cost is the loss or unpleasant consequence of not valuing yourself.

 So, please…

 Value yourself.

 Value that you have been granted a gift called life.

 Value that you have been granted a gift called making noise, and value that people want to sit and listen to that noise.

 Value the fact that even if you touch just one person through the power of your performance, then your life has indeed had immense… ... ... value.

 Value your courage…

 Value your uniqueness…

 Value your nerve…

 Value your talent…

And at all costs, do not pay the price of undervaluing who you are, what you’re here for and your potential to embody the greatness that pulses within you RIGHT NOW.

So Much Love
Gary x

ps if you want to learn to value yourself at the highest level, to appreciate who you are and why you’re here, and if you want to own the fullness of your gift and express it in the most phenomenal way possible so that you command your ideal audience to sit up, take stock and listen to the message that you were placed here to send… then book a free 30-minute discovery call to talk with me about how I can help you do just that (and so much more). Use the calendar to grab your spot with me.