Vocal Coaches Don't Fix Your Voice... YOU DO!

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ps I am actually a Vocal Coach by the way, and more importantly, a Performer’s Empowerment Coach. Singing teachers and vocal coaches are important, necessary and can be life changing. This article is intended to address something that has come out of balance a little…

You go to your singing teacher or vocal coach to get something. An understanding, tip, trick or hack that will finally give you what you’re looking for; the range, the power, the confidence. And they do… they tell you things you didn’t know before.

And it’s amazing. They teach you things that are required to help you become better. A good vocal coach tells you what to do and how to do it. A phenomenal vocal coach holds a space for you to discover it for yourself (I believe that your subconscious mind already knows everything it needs to know to sing perfectly, you just need to remember).

There is nothing that you can be taught that doesn’t require the ability, from you, to understand and implement it. There is no information that is just put inside you that makes you better. Nobody is magically fixing your voice.

You see, your teacher may share with you some exciting new information, a different sensation or a unique understanding that seems, on the surface, to change the way you sing.

But it’s YOU who listened.

It’s YOU who took it in.

It’s YOU who accepted it.

It’s YOU who nodded your head and accepted responsibility.

It’s YOU who comprehended and made it happen.

It’s YOU who meandered and tried and tried again.

It’s YOU who followed through, considered and applied.

It’s YOU who was brave and bold and chartered new territories.

It’s YOU who said “YES”.

The golden key to that wonderful new thing you can do now that you couldn’t do before was YOU, the receiver.

So yes, praise your teacher, hold them in high regard and say “thank you”, because they ARE fabulous.

But in the next breath praise yourself, thank yourself, and say “thank me” too. Don’t forget that. Please.

Oh, while I think of it, go and download your free worksheet “3 Questions That Can Transform Your Singing Instantly”. This process will get you more focussed, motivated, excited resourceful and open to what you need to expand and grow as a singer.

So Much Love
Gary x

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