You Are A Fake

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Ok, you know I like getting straight to the point in these articles.

And even tho I moved to Madrid yesterday to live for 5 months with my boyfriend and two dogs, there is no rest for the fabulous, so here I am with your daily blast of teaching.

So, my point today is this - you’re a fake.

Pretty much everything you believe about yourself is a figment of your imagination.

The good, the bad and the ugly. And yes, even the incredible.

You’ve created it, over time.

You’ve created something called a ‘personality’. But none of it is real. You just made it all up based on what people led you to believe about yourself. Some of it is helpful and some of it is not.

Everything you’ve decided about yourself began as just a simple thought.

When a thought is thunk enough it becomes a belief! (I made up the word ‘thunk’).

YES, think a thought enough times and it becomes a belief. In other words, a belief is a rehearsed thought...

Your music teacher embarrassed you in front of the class, so you thought that you were not good enough. Then when you came to sing again you allowed yourself to think that thought once more. And again. And again. And again.

And BOOM it is now your belief "I'm not good enough".

When you practice beliefs they become your personality. You begin to act in ways that match your beliefs. I’m not good enough expresses itself as hunched shoulders, lowered eyes, and not putting yourself forward.

And then your personality becomes your REALITY.

Everything you think, do and say becomes congruent for better or for worse, and there you have your life.

The question is… are you going to start thinking different thoughts that work out better for you in your life?

I used to believe that my body was too skinny (vulnerability alert).

I used to believe that nobody would find me attractive.

I used to believe that nobody would love skinny old me.

And one day, after much spiritual growth work, inner reflection and healing I began to see myself differently.

Instead of ‘skinny’ I called myself ‘slender’.

Instead of ‘scrawny’ I called myself ‘svelte’.

Instead of making excuses and hiding my body I began to show it and celebrate it.

This inner (and sometimes outer) dialogue wasn’t instant. These new thoughts and life changing ideas didn’t happen overnight. They grew. I cultivated them.

I nurtured these new thoughts until they became beliefs. And I nurtured these new beliefs until they became my personality. And now I love my body. In my eyes my body looks different now. And I am with someone who also loves my body.

This is a constant journey for me. Join me in it... it’s fun, rewarding and challenging.

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So Much Love

Gary x