You Are More Than Just A Role

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If you want to feel in control of your life…

If you want to be the master of your own comfort and happiness every single day…

If you want a sense of self-esteem that sees you waking up every morning thinking “I love being me”…

If you want to feel empowered…

If you want to feel good enough…

Then you MUST stop relying on landing a job, getting a role or being cast in a show for your happiness.

For you are more than just a role. You are more than a number in a line. You are more than just a cog in someone else’s machine.

And yet you wait and wait and wait and wait…

… and wait and wait and wait and wait…

… and wait and wait and wait…

And then it’s one of two outcomes; the elation, the excitement, the thrill, the rush as you ‘get the call’.
Or the devastation, the crush, the blow, as you…

…wait and wait and wait and wait…

… and wait and wait and wait and wait…

… and wait and wait again.

But if even you get the call, it’s only so long until, once rehearsals start, the exhaustion sets in, the cracks start to show and you forget that you were ever excited to get the part in the first place.

This, my darling, is called ADDICTION.

Yes, you heard me right… it’s a kind of drug; the highs, the lows, the cravings, the wanting, the needing, the getting, the come down, the rock bottom and the whole thing starting over again. An endless cycle.

This is not what you signed up for when you first experienced the elation of standing in front of an audience to perform. I don’t know how old you were when you first felt it, but when you did, you knew this was what you wanted to do.

But when did you decide that your happiness relied on getting in a show?!

This is the most disempowering belief system a performer can adopt; “I must be in show. I’ve got to get that role”. And when you don’t get it the world comes crashing down around you.

If this is the case then you are at the mercy of something totally, completely and absolutely out of your control.

Of course, you are a performer, and the stage or screen, is where you ‘do your thang’. But what about ‘doing your thang’ anyway whether somebody is watching or not?

Shall I tell you what your ‘thang’ is?

Yes you love the stage, the screen, the chance to show ‘em what you got. But that’s just something you DO, it is not who you ARE.

Your ‘thang’ is this…

to wakeup everyday and drink in the magic and joy the universe is holding in store for you (and guess what, it’s not all about being in a show - there’s a whole load more wonderment out there waiting to be experienced by you!)

to play with whoever is up for playing with you that day; the shop keeper, the bus man, the lady at the bus stop, the butcher, the baker, the candle stick maker - oh wow, go out and try to find a candle stick maker and have fun doing that!

to walk a path, every single day, that is committed to your own self exploration, growth and development and to get to know yourself more deeply and more fully than you did before - how can you even begin to understand a character when you don’t even understand yourself!

to find the gratitude and joy in the fact that you are just alive, here and in your glorious body!

They don’t say ‘life is stage’ for no reason. You can live you passion everyday, if you choose it. You can sing, act and dance your way through life, you don’t need a real life stage to do it…

And when you start living this ‘thang’ everyday, you will begin to find an inner solace, an inner peace and a powerful, strong, unshakeable inner core of knowingness that regardless of being in a show or not, you are so happy to be you, on YOUR path, living the fullness of who you are.

And then, ironically, as you care less about that which you’ve cared so much about before, the roles will start to flow, the jobs will come in and the parts will appear.

And as you walk into that audition room, you will carry such an air of comfort in yourself, such a sense of self appreciation and such an energy of gentle confidence that every experience will become a fun one for you.

And that’s what it is all about, my dear… FUN FUN FUN.

Go and have fun.

And remember, being a performer is something you DO. It is not who you ARE.

So much love
Gary x

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