You're Not JUST A Singer

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This may really shock you but you are not JUST a are SO much more than that. Welcome to today's daily inspiration for performers all over the world. Read on to find out exactly what you signed up for when you decided to sing. 

If you are JUST a singer then all you’re concerned with is your voice, the way you sound, the notes you can or can not hit and what other people think of you…

This is not good.

Whether you know it or not, as a singer, you are here to serve, to give and to do something special with your gift.

This means more than focussing only on your voice.

You are not JUST a singer…

You are a messenger.
You are a change maker.
You are a healer.
You are a deliverer of the new.
You are a spokesperson.
You are a thought leader.
You are an inspirer.
You are an uplifter.
You are a teacher.
You are a light in someone’s darkness.
You are a bringer together-er.
You are a communicator.
You are an impact maker.
You are a guide.
You are a bringer of hope.
You are someone’s dream come true.
You are what they’ve been looking for…

When you take the focus away from yourself and onto what it is you are doing for others, you’re whole world changes. What it actually means to sing is dramatically changed. And you step into the role you were designed for in this lifetime.

Let me help step into the role you were designed for; go and do my process “Find Your Singing Super Power” and discover what it is that you were designed to do with your singing. It’s a simple exercise to help you find more meaning, message, passion and purpose in your singing and in your life!

Go here to do the exercise.

So Much Love
Gary x

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