Gary Albert Hughes

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Inspiration For You Every Day

Every single morning I sit down to write something just for you. Something intended to uplift, inspire or bring about some change for the better. It may be just a few sentences, or something longer and more substantial, but it will always help you in some way. And it’s 100% free.

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Free Online Masterclasses

I’ve created a whole suite of FREE online masterclasses to help you take your first steps to unshakeable confidence, unwavering self-belief and total self-assurance so you can do what you love, love what you do and love yourself!

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Learn About Working With Me Privately

Nothing gets you where you want to be quicker and more successfully than working with your very own private therapist and coach. Click here to apply for a breakthrough strategy phone call where I’ll assess if we’re a good match.

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Inspiring Performers

Molly May Gardiner Testimonial

Molly-May Gardiner - Singer & Dancer

“If you have any issues or doubts with your performing and you want to unleash the talent you know you have deep inside... then Gary is your man. During the program not only has my voice completely changed and feels freer than ever before, I’ve been discharged from my speech therapist as all my voice issues have disappeared. My attitude to life and my career has improved tenfold. He truly is amazing, and now I am sure I can take over the world! Thank you Gary.”

Tom Prior

Tom Prior - Actor

“Working with Gary has completely changed my life. I started working privately with him a few weeks just as I started playing a leading role in a film. The level of transition and transformation I experienced was phenomenal. Gary’s insight and guidance has caused incredible expansion and I would recommend him so so so highly. If you’re on the fence or hesitating I’d say 100% go for it.”