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(spirituality; deeper meaning and understanding about who you are and your role in this life time).

Singer’s Circle is…

… a fortnightly, online class for singers that is totally free of charge. It is for singers who are seeking a deeper, more meaningful connection to being a singer and more peace and happiness in their life and career.

The gathering lasts around 45 minutes and is in 4 parts;
Teaching - Reflection - Question - Meditation


A sharing, from me, of concepts, ideas and philosophies of a spiritual nature aimed at widening your perception of who you are and your role not only as a performer, but also as a human being on the planet. Teachings on how you can use your gifts as a tool for self-reflection, self-development, spiritual growth and also to be of service to others and the planet.


A practical, action based, guided process that may involve writing and journaling, exploring, deeper thinking and contemplation upon your life, your career, your evolution, healing and transformation.


An opportunity to ask questions on specific issues coming up for you and to receive guidance. If I can support you I will, and if I don’t know the answer I will say so. But from a deep space of listening I will do my very best to offer counsel.


We will end the session with a guided meditation on the themes of the talk to bring you to peace, wisdom & truth.


3-Month Schedule 2019

Wednesday 3rd April 6:30pm

Wednesday 17th April 6:30pm

Wednesday 1st May 6:30pm

Wednesday 15th May 6:30pm

Wednesday 29th May 6:30pm

WedneSDAY 12th June 6:30pm

Wednesday 26th June 6:30pm


Singer’s Circle is led by

Gary Albert Hughes

Gary is a coach, therapist and spiritual teacher to singers, actors dancers and musicians all over the world.

He teaches how to bring a deeper spiritual practice and awareness to the life and career of the performer to harness a more profound sense of purpose, wellbeing and transformation.

He also teaches how to use the gift or performance to be of service to all those witness what you do; to educate, uplift, inspire and heal through the power of your performance.